Miscellaneous Email Designs
Email Design
These are just a few of my favorite email designs for some clients I've designed for.  Some were later reformatted as ads as well. The first design is for FAO Schwarz.
Following these are for Proper Footwear. These were some various fun design campaigns I got to design for various holidays like Lunar New Year (fun fact: I'm the year of the rat so it was very serendipitous I had a chance to design this!), Black Friday, and Halloween.
These designs were made for a welcome and birthday series for Joolies, a fun date company.
Here are some fun campaigns made for Hey Dude Shoes, a lifestyle shoe brand.
Here's an Abandoned Cart campaign for Oshen.
And here's a welcome design for Nectar Bath Treats.
These are a few random pop ups I've done as well: FAO Schwarz and Oshen.

Programs Used

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