Dear Dad
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"Dear Dad" was the theme of a Father's Day campaign created at Omaze for our 2022 Father's Day activation.
The concept and style were spearheaded by myself and a copywriter honoring Fathers as "superdads", thus the comic book theme. I created the logo along with defining the style of the campaign and created all the marketing assets that followed.

(Fun fact: This campaign brought in 80%+ more GDV than our Mother's Day campaign promoted a few
months prior.)

Here's a bit of the logo exploration I did. A few of the drafts contain elements that made it to the final version.
Here is the final logo with the tagline lockup.
The following are a few of the social ads, stories, and carousels used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
These are some emails created for the launch, portfolio campaigns, combos, and last chance.

Programs Used

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