Awake Chocolate
Email Design | Illustration | Ad Design
Awake Chocolate is a quirky caffeinated chocolate brand centered around its mascot, Nevil the owl. I created award-winning (dotComm 2019 Gold Award) email collateral for their brand along with some digital ads.  All these emails included illustrations and gifs I've created for them.
The above and below emails are some of my favorites created for May the 4th;
Dark vs. Light Chocolate
& Yoda Judgement.
Here's a campaign for: Halloween & the new season of Game of Thrones along with a Summer, Christmas, and Thanksgiving campaign...
An email for March Madness, Valentines Day, and Pre-Summer Solstice...
This is an email capture I created for their website.
These last emails were for Easter, a hot chocolate recipe promotion, New Years, and for their new flavor Mint Chocolate being promoted around Halloween.

Programs Used

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